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The Abode Of Peace

Dar al Salaam – The Abode of Peace is not just a foundation but rather, an inspiration that this world becomes an abode of peace to the entire humanity and creation in general. It is not just about philanthropy but it is about enhancing sustainable peace, stability, growth and tolerance through philanthropy. After having been engaged in philanthropy and peace building programmes since 2012, Dar al Salaam Foundation (DSF) was registered with the government of Zimbabwe during the period of 2014/2015 as a Trust after having convinced the government, partners, the donor community and beneficiaries that it is there to serve humanity and promote peace through philanthropy. The registration number is MA0000413/2015 and this development will see DSF bridging communities through philanthropy and fulfilling the aspirations of its members and the world at large.

  • Endowments, Waqf funds Management
  • Infrastructure Development
  • Supporting students
  • Support orphans and vulnerable children
  • Widows support programme
  • Dialogues for peace building
  • Philanthropy

Our Vision

It seeks to enhance sustainable peace, stability, growth and tolerance trough philanthropy.

Our Mission

It will strive to be an influential bridge between communities by providing platforms that promote peace through education, dialogue and equitable distribution of resources.

Our Goal

DSF aims to be the pebble in the pond that creates a ripple for change. At DSF we acknowledge that philanthropy is not about money, but rather it’s about feeling the pain of others and caring enough to help.

Our Team

Dar al Salaam Foundation (DSF) has firmly established itself as a bridge between the Philanthropists and the needy Communities thus striving towards the creation of an excellent Muslim generation. DSF is endowed with human resources that are professionals, academics, social and rights activists and philanthropists. All these human resources have served not less than five years while others have more than thirty years’ experience in the service of humanitarian, developmental and charitable organisations. This set of individuals form the Dar al Salaam Foundation, decision making, management, administration and implementing departments. Below is the board of trustee of DSF:-

Agrippa Ali Kapuya


He is the former director of Wackdrive Investments and is currently a farmer. He is the chairman of Mhondoro Mubaira Nyundo Islamic Centre and is engaged in community development and various charitable activities.

Ahmad Yasini

Vice Chairman

He is the director of Taffy Investments who has served as the treasurer General for Mbare Islamic Society for the past six (6) years till December 2014. He also sits on the Shura Council of Mbare Islamic Society Alims (scholars).

Jameel Asani

Secretary General

A Founding member of the Zimbabwe Muslim Youth Org, founder of the Islamic Coordination Committee and also a founding member of the Islamic Voice of Zimbabwe. He has served as the Programmes Manager at Islamic Relief Worldwide – SA from 2009-2013.

Khadijah Musa

Treasurer General

A tutor in Computer studies and former Managing Director at Apolla Data Tech. She has served as the head of ZMYO, Sisters’ Desk from 2007 – 2009. She has worked with various communities in the field of philanthropy.

Yusuf Binali

Publicity & Information Sec

A qualified Islamic scholar, he became an Alim (Islamic scholar) under the guidance of the late Sheikh Yussuf Swabu (R.A) and then proceeded to Al Azhar University where he obtained a BA in Islamic studies. He has served as the National Chairman of the Zimbabwe Muslim youth Org (ZMYO) between 2010 and 2014

Iliyasa Yasini

Organising Secretary

Is an Islamic scholar by qualification. He became an Alim (Islamic scholar) under the guidance of the late Sheikh Ajaba Kazembe (R.A) and then proceeded to the University of Johannesburg where he obtained in BA Hons in Semitic Languages and Culture. He has served as the Secretary General for ZMYO as from 2006 till 2014. He is a researcher and a member of Mbare Islamic Society Shura Council. He has presented papers on various international conferences.

Justice Subie Ndlovu

Media & IT

Director at Apolla Data Tech an IT specialist. He has helped various foundation and NGOs develop their marketing strategies.

Shauib Chibwano

Shar’ah Adv.

An Imaam at Mbare Islamic Society and a counsellor on various issues. He has served as an Islamic teacher for thirteen years in Malawi where he also carried some philanthropic activities with Lilongwe Islamic Movement.

Because of you we reached out to them…

The Dar al Salaam Foundation wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to all the donors, the donor community, volunteers, staff and our government for the activities successfully executed in the previous years. May Allah / God the Most High and Great continue to reward all with the best of this world and there world here after.
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