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We seek to enhance sustainable peace, stability, growth and tolerance trough philanthropy.





DSF Activities

Dar al Salaam - The Abode of Peace - is not just a foundation. Rather, it is an inspiration that this world can become an abode of peace for humanity and creation at large. It is not just about philanthropy but also about enhancing sustainable peace, stability, growth and tolerance.

DSF Aims and Objectives

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Qur’bani is one of the major tenets of Islam and the practice of the Prophet of Allah. The young and the old find time to interact and maintain their religious obligation fulfilling this important commandment of the Creator. Muslims have always observed the importance of the day of Eid al Adh’haa with the Sunnah of animal sacrificing, Qur’bani. Due to the socio-economic challenges, the majority of Muslims who were economically active left the country as they could not stand the economic hardships. This left the majority of the Muslims living below the poverty datum line. During the days of Qur’bani, the Muslims of Zimbabwe find it difficult to practice and join the entire Muslim world in celebrating the significance of these important days.


WAQF - The term ‘Waqf’ is used in Islam to describe forms of property which are held and/or preserved for the confined benefit of any philanthropy use and disposition. Any use outside that specific objective is prohibited. The plural of the term is "Awqaf" and "wuquuf". The concept of Waqf was developed by the Holy Prophet, Hadhrat Muhammad (SAW) and since then it has played a vital role in fulfilling the needs of Islamic civilization. As poverty is a major obstacle in several parts of the world, the concept of Waqf can be utilized to provide better services to Muslim communities and humanity at large. In our attempt to identify the impediments to the growth of Waqf and how the concept can be implemented in the modern economic system, there is need for development of Waqf and its implementation to enhance sustainable community development.

Educational Support Program

Through educational support programmes, a number of students have made it to various levels of education and are expected to be completing their studies. Among them are Talent Musa Chemayese, a final year student in Science Education and Chemical Technology at Bindura University, Tahir Iba – an Accounting student at the University of Johannesburg and Nuriah S Yesini, an A Level student at Queen Elizabeth Girls High School.

Because of you we reached out to them…

The Dar al Salaam Foundation wishes to extend its sincere gratitude to all the donors, the donor community, volunteers, staff and our government for the activities successfully executed in the previous years. May Allah / God the Most High and Great continue to reward all with the best of this world and there world here after.
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